Hiring Contractors ???

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April 23, 2020
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June 22, 2020
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Hiring Contractors ???


Does your business pay contractors to provide one or more of these services:

  • cleaning
  • courier, delivery and/or road freight
  • information technology (IT)
  • security, investigation and surveillance.

If so, you may need to lodge a Taxable payments annual report (TPAR), under the Taxable payment reporting system (TPRS), by 28 August.

If your business offers new or expanded services (such as those listed above) in response to COVID-19 restrictions and you’ve been paying contractors to provide these services, you may need to complete a TPAR.

If you are one of our existing clients or if you want to engage us for this service, we are happy to jump in and take this burden off you so you can focus on your business

Keeping good records throughout the year should make lodging easy, we can offer you a choice of SBR enabled software to keep you compliant.

Just to ensure you are on the right track, we will assess your business requirement to determine if you need to lodge Taxable Payable Annual Report (TPAR) and make your ATO compliance smooth effective.

source: https://www.ato.gov.au/Newsroom/smallbusiness/Lodging-and-paying/Does-your-business-pay-contractors-/?sbnewsB20200622

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